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TALKS – Day 1

Opening Session

Philippe Willems – Microalgae: crops for the future  PDF

Vitor Verdhelo – Value of the algae biomass sector in Europe and the current share of biorefinery and future potential PDF

Felix Leinemann – The potential of algae within the blue economy: an EU perspective PDF

Ami Ben-Amotz – Cultivation of Dunaliella in large-scale open raceways for the commercial production PDF

Raimo Van Der Linden – BioLinX PDF


Session 2: Major innovations and new products from EU-supported biorefinery projects 

Ana Palanca – Bisigodos: high value-added chemicals and bioresins from algae biorefineries PDF

Patricia Harvey – D-Factory: from development to demo PDF

Hans Reith – Miracles: multi-product integrated biorefinery of algae PDF

Anastasiia  Kryvenda – PUFAChain: a value chain from micro-algae to PUFA  PDF


Session 3: Sustainability and economics

Guido Reinhardt – Sustainability of algae cultivation and use: conclusions and recommendations  PDF

Hellen Elissen – SocioEconomic sustainability of an innovative algae value chain: the case of PUFAChain  PDF

Philippe Willems  – Consumer acceptance and marketing of microalgae products: insights from Miracles PDF

Min S. Park – The future of algal biorefineries in China: lessons from the past  PDF

Jose Olivares – Current US algae biorefineries, projects and perspectives PDF


TALKS – Day 2

Session 1: Metabolism and strain development

Patricia Harvey – Dunaliella sp from hypersaline environments PDF


Session 2: Cultivation and harvesting

Luis Costa – Cultivation of Dunaliella in closed PBR for high-value products PPTS

Thomas Leya – The algae crop rotation principle as a potential basis for algae mass production  PDF

J. Crespo  & F. Jacobs – Harvesting of a fragile alga Dunaliella Salina by membrane filtration PDF


Session 3: Biorefinery

Lolke Sijtsma – Multiple products from algal biomass PDF

Maria-Amelie de Ville d’Avray – Simulation-based optimization of microalgae refineries PDF

Juha Linnekoski – Separation and valorization of algae protein and polysaccharide fractions  PDF

Elena Ibanez – Green biorefinery strategies PDF

A. Kokossis – Optimization and screening of product portfolio in algo-biorefinery value chains PDF

Isabel Mira – Carotenoids and polysaccharides from D.Salina   PDF



Downstream Processing

P. J. Sanderson (D-Factory) – Potential of supercritical CO2-extracted, defatted Dunaliella salina biomass as a broiler feed ingredient. PDF

D. Rooke (D-Factory) – A flexible and sustainable downstream processing system for the extraction and purification of high value target compounds from biorefineries. PDF

C. Wozu (D-Factory) – Processing Dunaliella salina for 9-cis-beta-Carotene. PDF

Edgar Suarez Garcia (external) – Rethinking protein fractionation from algae. PDF

Alvaro Mendoza (external) – Aquatic biomass biorefineries. PDF

L. Rihko-Struckmann, K. Sundmacher (external) – Dynamic flux balance analysis for the maximal valorisation of Dunaliella salina. PDF

Elena Ibañez (Miracles) – Green Processes for Biorefinery. PDF

Elena Ibañez (Miracles) – Green selective extraction of valuable compounds for microalgae biomass. PDF

Manuel Zapata, Mariella Rivas (Miracles) – Bio-photovoltaic: Pigments extracted from microalgae. PDF

Lambertus A.M. van den Broek (Miracles) – Chemical characterization of microalgae. PDF

Carl Safi, Lolke Sijtsma (Miracles) – Nannochloropsis gaditana protein biorefinery. PDF



Yanan Xu (D-Factory) – Dunaliella salina from hypersaline environments: molecular and phylogenetic analyses resolve genetic diversity; environmental parameters regulate metabolism. PDF

Ami Ben-Amotz and Patricia Harvey (D-Factory) – Large scale open ponds commercial cultivation of Dunaliella as part of the D-Factory project. PDF

Iris Haberkorn and Alexander Mathys  (external) – Characterization of bacterial community profiles associated with Chlorella vulgaris cultivations. PDF

Foubert, I (external) – Autotrophic microalgae as an alternative source of omega 3 oils: from green water to health-conscious consumer.  PDF

D.W.F. Brilman, Q. Yu, M.J. Bos (Miracles) – CO2 concentration from air for microalgae cultivation. PDF

Agnes Janoska, Marcel Janssen (Miracles) –  The Foam Bed Photobioreactor concept. PDF

Pia Steinrϋcken, Siv Kristin Prestegard (Miracles) – Different outdoor performance of three Phaeodactylum tricornutum strains under western Norwegian climate conditions.  PDF

Maria Vazquez (Miracles) – Biomass quality of microalgae cultivated in a foam-bed reactor. PDF

Maria Cuaresma, Carlos Vilchez (Miracles) – Potentiality of microalgae cultivation in foam for the production of valuable compounds. PDF

Y. García-Fernández (Miracles) – Fungicidal activity of Euglena Cantabrica water extract against Botrytis Cinerea. PDF

Sara Pereira (PUFAChain) – Overcoming the challenges in the very first closed photobioreactor pilot scale cultivations of cryophilic and dinoflagellate microalgae strains for PUFA production. PDF

Feliz Jorde, Thomas Leya (PUFAChain) – Facing the challenges of pure microalgae production in pilot scale photobioreactors. PDF


Harvesting & Recycling 

Joana Monte (D-Factory) – Harvesting of fragile algae Dunaliella Salina by membrane filtration with permeate recovery for microalgae cultivation. PDF

Isabelle Noyens (Miracles) – Impact of medium recycling on the growth of Nannochloropsis gaditana. PDF



Manuel Zapata, Mariella Rivas (Miracles) – Microalgae isolated from Atacama Desert (Chile) and the biotechnological potential of their pigments. PDF

Manuel Zapata, Mariella Rivas (Miracles) – Characterization of extremotolerant microalgae isolated from the Atacama desert. PDF

Pia Steinrϋcken, Siv Kristin Prestegard (Miracles) – Bioprospecting North Atlantic microalgae with fast growth and high EPA/DHA content. PDF


LCA, Evaluation, Products

Karin Persson (D-Factory) – Examples of Dunaliella extracts in novel foods. PDF

Isabel Mira (D-Factory) – Products from microalgae: the formulators perspective. PDF

Daan Kuiper (Miracles) – Agricultural valorisation: Phaeodactylum increases Nitrogen use-efficiency. PDF

Electra Papadopoulou (Miracles) – Use of microalgae in the wood-based panels industry. PDF

Jorge Dias (Miracles) – Microalgae as a functional ingredient in aquaculture feeds.PDF

Sara Pereira, Vitor Verdelho (PUFAChain) – The PUFAChain business case scenarios for PUFA production from solar-driven autotrophic microalgae cultivation and biorefinery. PDF

V.Montalescot, J. Pruvost (external) – Algosolis: a European R&D facility for developing microalgae industry through collaborative projects.

Sema Sirin (external) – Towards versatility of aquatic production platforms: unlocking the value of Nordic bioresources. PDF

Indra te Ronde (external) – Introducing the development of European (CEN) standards for algae and algae-based products or intermediates. PDF


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