The main objective of the PUFAChain project is to obtain highly purified omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) for nutrition and pharmaceutical applications from microalgae. To achieve this goal, an entire microalgae-based value chain has been established during the project. Final achievements include:

  • Screening of more than 100 potential algae stains, based on two renowned bio-resources for microalgae: SAG and CCCryo.
  • Research on culture techniques for the optimisation of the PUFA yield.
  • Improvement of mass production of algae through Algae Crop Rotation (ACR), a unique approach consisting on the seasonal rotation of algae strains adapted to Summer and Winter conditions in Europe.
  • Development of more suitable cultivation strategies for laboratory and industrial-scale applications.
  • Integration of a new membrane-based filtration system through the reuse of processed water for microalgae harvest.
  • Assessment of extraction procedures for optimal production of high quality oils and novel methods for cell disruption to protect sensitive omega-3 fatty acids.

Additionally, all value chain processes achieved by PUFAChain project have been critically evaluated for their environmental and economic sustainability, to contribute to set a proper foundation for a commercial scale-up based on the use of microalgae.

Project website: www.pufachain.eu