The preliminary programme is available at this LINK. Here a summary:

DAY 1 -The potential of algae biotechnology for sustainable development.

Topics will include:

  • The status and perspectives of the algal industry sector in Europe;
  • Sustainability and socio-economic aspects of algae production including consumer acceptance and marketing of algae products;
  • Success stories and highlights from the four projects.

DAY 2 – Focus on Technology.

Innovations developed from the projects and a poster and networking session will allow attendees to delve into specific research lines and discuss the opportunities emerging from the projects. Topics will include highlights from the 4 projects in:

  • Strain selection and development;
  • Cultivation and harvesting;
  • Biorefinery;
  • New products for food, feed and non-food applications;
  • System evaluation and LCA;
  • Requirements and recommendations for further development.